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The ability to simply change film magazines allows the photographer to exchange exposed film for unexposed in seconds, or change between film types, lengths, and formats without losing a single frame. Carrying extra, pre-loaded film magazines from Hasselblad effectively increases your readiness and efficiency, in the studio or in the field.

This is the original "A24" type 220 film magazine for the Hasselblad camera system. This back preceeded the current A24 and is virtually identical except it does not have the darkslide storage slot. It comes with a 220 insert which provides 24 exposures for the 6 x 6cm format. This magazine fits all Hasselblad models including the ArcBody and FlexBody. When it is used with the 202FA, 203FE and 205FCC cameras, the film speed must be programmed manually in the camera's "Pr" (Program) mode. The "A" Type film magazines are available in either black or chrome trim and feature a dark slide pocket and memo clip.