Photography Consulting

Photography is an art. Like a painter with a brush, or a poet with a pen; the talented photographer can transform an insignificant object into a pictorial masterpiece - and preserve it for all time. It takes a special kind of magic to make something inanimate come to life. But with the right camera, equipment and skill, any item can take on an added dimension. Simple things can be pictured and presented to the eye in a whole new way. At HR Photography, Mr. HershRosner breathes life into just about anything - using focus, lens, and revolutionary digital technology.

Anyone who has any type of business - be it professional, retail, wholesale or home-based - knows how important it is to advertise. Without advertisement, it is almost impossible to build a customer base for the merchandise you intend to sell. Marketing a product almost always requires the use of photography. Whether you have a web-based business and need to download photos of your item, or you want to illustrate your commodities in the glossy pages of a catalog; Whether your manufactured goods need to be highlighted in magazine publications or featured prominently on the covers of the boxes they're packaged in; you need to know all about the field of photography to get the job done right.

Of course, there's always the option of taking your products to a professional photographer, and having him snap pictures of them in his studio. But that choice is cumbersome, inefficient, and costly. Shlepping a multitude of goods to your local studio is a laborious task that most business people prefer to avoid. Aside from that, a photographer will usually charge a hefty sum of money to process such a large amount of work. By far, the most convenient, and most cost-conscious way to depict your business, market your brand, and emphasize your merchandise in bold and beautiful color, is to do it yourself.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of going it alone. And rightfully so. If you don't know what you're doing, chances are the photos you take will have poor picture quality, and won't live up to the standard of excellence you're trying to portray. That's where HR Photography steps in.

Mr. Hersh Rosner is providing the community with an unprecedented, unique, and vitally necessary service. He supplies the unmatched professionalism and incomparable skill, to make each of your photos a work of creative genius. He comes down to your place of business, and categorically reviews each of the objects you need to shoot. He then patiently trains you - the entrepreneur - in the precise science of photography. He explains the various techniques for focus, lighting, shading, and dimension. He tries to maximize the use of whichever photographic equipment the business already has on hand, or provides information concerning any additional accoutrements you'd need to purchase. In many cases, he buys the required paraphernalia for you. Mr. Hersh Rosner at HR Photography lends his artistic insight and wisdom to the job - ensuring that your product, whatever it may be, becomes the focal point of widespread attention and acclaim.
Call HR for all your photographic needs. Once you learn the protocol, the photos you develop will captivate and enchant all who view them. Ask Mr. Hersh Rosner to teach you this valuable visual art. You capture the pictures - and let the pictures capture customers.